Value-Added Benefits

Blue Cross Community Health PlansSM (BCCHP) offers additional value-added benefits (VABs), available only to BCCHP Medicaid plan members. These benefits are offered to BCCHP members in addition to your Illinois Medicaid benefits. These VABs are available to keep you and your family healthy. 

Details for each added benefit and how to enroll are listed below. For further details or to enroll in these programs, contact Member Services at 1-877-860-2837.

  • $25 Quarterly for Over-the-Counter Drugs and Supplies in 2023

    You can order $25 in approved over-the-counter (OTC) items once a quarter (every three months) at no cost. This includes OTC items like pain relievers and allergy medicine. This is to help with your basic health and medical needs.

    To order your OTC Items:

    1. Click here for the OTC Catalog for approved items.
    2. Either place your order by: 
              a. Visiting First-time users will need to register an account. 
              b. Calling Member Services at 1-877-860-2837 (TTY/TDD: 711) once a quarter to place your order. 
    3. Your order will be shipped at no cost to your address within 7 to 10 days. 

    Benefit amounts will not roll over to the next quarter. Only one order can be placed per quarter.

  • Free Medical Transportation

    You may get free transportation to a pharmacy, provider appointment or to a BCCHP-sponsored event. This is in addition to the standard transportation benefit. In-depth details about your transportation benefit and how to schedule a ride can be found here.

  • Blue365® Member Discount Program

    Members get a free membership to Blue365, an additional benefit of being part of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. Blue365 members receive exclusive health and wellness discounts from a range of top retailers. Visit the Blue365 website to start saving.

  • Earn $15 Gift Cards for Completing Preventative Services 

    Through our Healthy Incentives Program, you can earn gift cards for completing certain preventive services. Registration for BCCHP IL RewardsSM* is needed to redeem your gift card. You are eligible for a reward if you:

    • Women ages 50-74 who get an annual breast cancer screening can get a $15 gift card through BCCHP IL Rewards*
  • Earn $30 Gift Cards and Baby Supplies with the Special Beginnings Program®

    Pregnant members who join Special Beginnings will receive education and support to guide them through pregnancy and beyond.

    You may qualify for:

    • A free car seat or free portable crib. If you go to a prenatal appointment in your first trimester or visit within 42 days of enrolling with BCCHP.
    • Two free packages of diapers. If have your first post-partum doctor’s visit within 84 days of your child’s birth.
    • A $30 gift card through BCCHP IL Rewards*. If you go to at least 6 well child appointments from birth to 15 months.

    If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant and would like to enroll in Special Beginnings, please call 1-888-421-7781.

  • $40 for Upgraded Eyeglasses

    You can get $40 toward a pair of upgraded eyeglass frames every two years.

  • Additional Dental Cleaning

    BCCHP members receive additional dental value-added benefits. Members over the age of 21 are eligible for 1 extra cleaning per year for a total of 2 teeth cleanings per year.

  • Free Cell Phone

    You may qualify for a free cell phone with call minutes available to call your doctor, Care Coordinator or 911 emergency services. Call Member Services at 1-877-860-2837 for more information.

  • Smoking Cessation

    A care coordinator can connect you with resources to help you to stop smoking. When you join, a tobacco cessation program Recovery Support Assistant (RSA) will work with you. The RSA will give support, advice and education to you throughout the program. Tobacco cessation treatment may include medications and over-the-counter products counseling.

    Learn more about smoking cessation and the program.


Some of the rewards are redeemed for gift cards through BCCHP IL Rewards. To get started, you need to register for BCCHP IL Rewards. Register at or download the BCCHP IL Rewards mobile app. You will need your member ID card, date of birth, and email address to register. You can also call Member Services at 1-877-860-2837 for help signing up for BCCHP IL Rewards.

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