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CMO Perspective

CMO Perspective

Our vice president and chief medical officer offers insights on timely topics, using a peer-to-peer approach.

Utilization Management

Utilization Management

Utilization management review requirements and recommendations are in place to help ensure our members get the right care, at the right time, in the right setting.

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(Note: See Medicaid page for BCCHP and MMAI Provider Finder links.)


Medicaid Redetermination

Some of your patients could lose their Illinois Medicaid benefits if they don’t complete their redetermination paperwork on time.

Illinois Medicaid

BCBSIL offers Medicaid programs statewide.

Medicare Advantage

Our Medicare Advantage plans (HMO and PPO) offer all of the coverage of Original Medicare, plus other benefits.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Highlights of how our work makes an impact for our members, customers, employees and communities across Illinois.