Drug Plan Transition

If you are new to our plan or affected by a level of care change you may be taking medications that are not included on the plan's drug list (formulary). In this case, you may be eligible for a temporary supply of non-formulary medications during the first 90 days of eligibility. You'll qualify if you:

  • Are new to our plan
  • Switch from another plan to our plan
  • Are affected by a level of care change (for example, admitted or discharged from a long-term care facility)
  • Are affected by formulary changes from one year to the next

This transition coverage may continue your current medication, allowing time for your doctor to:

  • Change your prescription to an alternate medication that's included on the plan's formulary
  • Send an exception request so your medication will continue to be covered based on medical necessity

View more details about our prescription drug transition policy in Forms and Documents.