Diversity and Inclusion Mission

Commitment to Our Members and Communities

We realize the significance of connecting to what's important to our customers and the communities in which they live. We recognize diverse worldviews that drive most healthcare choices in multicultural homes. To that end, we are committed to offering a variety of products and services that meet the unique needs of our members by meeting them where they are.

As a company, our commitment to diversity and inclusion aims to foster a diverse work environment where all employees are valued, enabled to positively contribute to our business objectives and are recognized accordingly. Through leadership and employee commitment, we strive to integrate diversity and inclusion into the way we manage and interact as employees, serve our customers, providers and the community by:

  • Creating a more open and inclusive culture
  • Aligning diversity initiatives with other business strategies
  • Enhancing diversity management skills among all employees
  • Leveraging the strength of our diverse employees to promote the health and wellness of our members and communities

Awards and Recognition

We are very proud to have received external recognition for efforts related to diversity and inclusion. These awards and recognitions further increase our diversity footprint in the marketplace.