Coronavirus Information for BCCHP Members

At Blue Cross Community Health Plans your health and well-being is our top priority. We want to help you stay informed and get the care you need.

We want to make sure you get Medicaid services during the COVID-19 outbreak. BCCHP has loosened some requirements for services. If you have any questions about your plan and what’s covered, call Member Services.

Did you have COVID-19? Did you try to get treatment? If so, please complete the IDPH Public Experience Survey.

  • COVID-19 Testing and Care

    • Testing and testing-related visits for COVID-19 are covered by BCCHP
    • COVID-19 treatment and costs associated to COVID-19 are covered as well
    • As with all BCCHP services, there is no copay or deductible
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations

    Now Is the Time – Protect Yourself and Others
    Vaccines are at no cost to Illinoisans. Anyone 6 months or older is eligible to get certain COVID-19 vaccines.* Plus, with BCCHP you can get a free ride to a vaccine site. 

    Don’t wait, get your vaccine:

    • Build protection in your body to fight COVID-19
    • Slow the spread of the virus
    • Return to our pre-COVID-19 lives 

    Vaccines are at no cost to Illinoisans. Plus, with BCCHP, you can get a free ride to the vaccine site. See Transportation Services to learn how to schedule a ride.

    See how to get started. Read vaccine FAQs with Your Guide to Getting Vaccinated in Illinois

    For older adults, learn about safety information here

    You can also watch this video from our Chief Medical Officer. This can help address your concerns about COVID-19 vaccines.

    *Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Visit the CDC website to see the COVID-19 vaccines available by age group.

  • COVID-19 Boosters

    The CDC recommends that people ages 5 years and older get the bivalent booster.* COVID-19 boosters are at no cost to Illinoisans.

    You can get the bivalent booster 2 months since your last COVID-19 vaccine dose, including after:

    • Your final primary series dose, or
    • An original booster

    The updated boosters are called bivalent. They protect against both the original virus and Omicron variants. Previous boosters are called monovalent. They protect against the original virus. They also guard against Omicron, but not as much as the bivalent boosters.

    People who have gotten the original booster: It is recommended to get the bivalent booster.

    *Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Visit the CDC website to see the COVID-19 vaccines available by age group.

  • COVID-19 Therapeutics

    • There are IV medications and oral pills that can be used to treat COVID-19. Learn more
    • You can also find a Test to Treat site and get treatment where you get tested.
      Test to Treat T2T locator - COVID-19 medications are available through your doctor, local pharmacies, and health clinics. If you have COVID-19 symptoms and test positive, do not wait to get treated. You must take oral COVID-19 medication within 5 days of your first COVID-19 symptoms. Use this tool to find a location that is right for you.


  • Prescription Drugs

    • We have temporarily lifted restrictions for early drug refills! In some situations, you may get an early refill. Pharmacists can provide an early fill on most medications. Contact your pharmacy to ask for an early fill. 
    • You can use your 90-day supply benefit. A 90-day supply is for members that need maintenance medications. You can also get at home delivery through our Mail-Order Program

    To find a network pharmacy check the Pharmacy Directory. Member Services can also help you find a pharmacy or set up a Mail-Order service

  • Telehealth

    • Telehealth benefits have expanded to include more types of providers and more telehealth options in which a provider can deliver you services. This includes, but is not limited to, dieticians, therapists and physicians. 
    • BCCHP now covers medically necessary telehealth, virtual visits and digital video consultations. For participating health care providers, there is no copay nor a deductible.

    Telehealth is when a medical provider gives care by phone or digital video. Please call your doctor to see if they offer telehealth services.

  • Care Coordination

    Our care coordinators are here to help! Care coordinators can help manage your care and get you services. Call care coordination if you need help with meals, in-home services or other specialized needs. They can be reached at 1-855-334-4780 (TDD: 711).

Who To Call If You Think You Have COVID-19

All calls are at no cost:

  •  Your PCP: The number is located on the front of your member ID card.
  • Member Services 1-877-860-2837 (TTY/TDD 711): For all general questions about benefits. and services.
  • 24/7 Nurseline 1-888-343-2697 (TDD 711): For health-related questions.
  • Care Coordination Team 1-855-334-4780 (TDD 711): Support for getting food, housing and other specialized needs.

General Information