Community Resources

Blue Cross Community Health Plans is here to help. We work with many community groups to make sure you get wholistic support. Even aid outside of your health care needs.


Health and Wellness Assistance

  • Member Advisory Board (MAB)

    Your voice matters! Join our quarterly Member Advisory Board (MAB) meeting to share your thoughts and learn about updates to your plan. To join the next meeting, call 1-888-775-6875. Members who join the meeting will be given a $25 gift card.

  • Family Leadership Council (FLC)

    You are invited to the quarterly Family Leadership Council. The FLC is a group of youth, parents, and community partners joining forces with us. They address issues and discuss ways to improve children’s behavioral health. The goal is to better understand the experiences of families. Especially those using public services on behalf of their children. Members who join will be given a $25 gift card.

    Register for upcoming meetings

  • Blue Door Neighborhood CenterSM

    Blue Door Neighborhood Centers (BDNCs) are community hubs that are open to all. BDNCs provide face-to-face engagement with Care Coordination. They also give health education, wellness programs, and community resources. Come visit one of the BDNC centers. Located in the Pullman, Morgan Park and South Lawndale neighborhoods.

  • Care Van® Program

    Our Care Vans drives the state to help build healthy communities. It gives basic health services and educational outreach.

    Some services include:

    • No cost immunizations
    • Dental services
    • Health literacy education
    • HIV testing
    • COVID-19 testing

    Our Care Vans visit schools, churches, and more.

Socioeconomic Aid