Special Enrollment: Losing an Employer Plan or Opting Out of COBRA

Sometimes, losing your job means losing the health plan you had through work. If your job changed and you lost your health plan, you might be able to get a new Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Individual and Family plan during the Special Enrollment Period. Or, based on your age or income, you may be able to get Medicare or Medicaid.

What Job Changes Qualify You for Enrollment?

  • Quitting your job or getting laid off: losing coverage because you're parting ways with your job
  • Working lower hours: losing benefits because your employer lowered your working hours
  • Losing COBRA or looking for other plan options: losing benefits offered through COBRA or state continuation
  • Losing ICHRA: losing ICHRA benefits offered by your employer

Start Shopping for Health Insurance Today

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What to Consider When Shopping

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You normally have 60 days from your life event, including weekends and holidays, to enroll in a new health insurance plan.

If you miss this deadline, you may have to wait until Open Enrollment, starting Nov. 1.1

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Financial help

Depending on your household income, you might get a premium tax credit. Find out if you qualify on our shopping platform.

Have Documentation On-Hand

Because your job change is causing you to lose coverage, you'll need to send in documents showing your life event date during enrollment. This may be a company letter or other job records.

Review a full list of valid documents

1Members of American Indian and Alaska Native tribes can enroll any month, not just during Open Enrollment. You can even apply for cost assistance.

Last Updated: July 09, 2024