Transportation Services (Non-Emergency)

Blue Cross Community Health Plans offers you free transportation for your medical needs. This includes free rides to and from your doctor's office, a health care facility, pharmacy, or BCCHP sponsored event. You can also get transport to and from a Blue Door Neighborhood Center at no cost to you!

Call 911 if you need emergency transport. You do not need an OK from BCCHP in the event of an emergency.

How Do I Schedule a Ride?

Any of your transportation needs are provided through our partner, ModivCare* (formerly LogistiCare). ModivCare can be reached at 1-877-831-3148 (TTY/TDD: 1-866-288-3133). ModivCare is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., CST.

Need Help?

(TTY/TDD: 711)

We are available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. The call is free.

To Schedule a Ride

Call ModivCare

(TTY/TDD: 1-866-288-3133)

Call at least 3 days before you need a ride.

Confirm Your Ride

At least 3 days before your appointment, call ModivCare to confirm your trip. They will give you a trip reservation number.

Be Ready for Your Ride!

You should be ready for your ride one hour before your visit. Your driver will honk, knock, ring the bell, or call you. They will only wait 5 minutes for you.

Please note that drivers can transport multiple members on the same ride. This should not add any more than 45 minutes to your travel time.

To see more details on the transportation provided, visit the FAQ page.

What Services Are Not Covered?

The plan does not cover rides:

  • For non-medical needs (examples: to go shopping or to visit a friend
  • To see a provider who is outside our provider network (without special authorization from BCCHP)
  • To see a provider that is more than 40 miles away (without special authorization from BCCHP)

Other Transportation

If you live within two blocks of a mass transit bus stop, you can get free bus passes for your doctor's appointments. Bus passes can be provided to get you to and from your doctor’s appointment. Call ModivCare at 1-877-831-3148 (TTY/TDD: 1-866-288-3133) at least two weeks before your appointment. Bus passes will be mailed to your home.

For more information about transportation services, see the Member Handbook.

*ModivCare is an independent contractor that arranges and manages non-emergency transportation benefits for select Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois plans