CMO Perspective

This page features blog-style entries from Dr. Derek J. Robinson, M.D., MBA, FACEP, CHCQM, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL).

03/29/24 - Heart Disease: What We Can Do To Empower Patients and Save Lives

Many people don’t know heart disease is the leading cause of death, affecting 350,000 Americans every year. To promote community awareness on heart health, Dr. Robinson was interviewed by a local TV station in February. This post offers insights that may help spark your patients’ interest and involvement.

02/9/24 – Resolutions Revisited: Help Your Patients Find Their ‘Why’

In this entry, Dr. Robinson shares highlights from a recent television interview, where he offered tips on setting healthy goals, starting with the importance of scheduling annual health or wellness visits, and getting physician guidance. See this post for ideas on ways to help your patients stay realistic and motivated throughout the year.

12/27/22 – New Law Supports Behavioral Health Access and Equity, Effective Jan. 1, 2023

BCBSIL is spotlighting Illinois House Bill 2595 (Public Act 102-0579), Generally Accepted Standards of Behavioral Health Care Act of 2021. This new law seeks to address the state’s growing mental health crisis. Now is the time to close this gap and ensure that quality care is available for the whole person, and for all people.

07/1/22 – Pediatric Vaccines: A Call to Action to Help Protect Illinois Children and Teens

BCBSIL is joining the effort to spread the word and encourage our members who haven’t r3eceived a COVID-19 vaccine yet to get one and to make sure they get their kids vaccinated too. In this post, Dr. Robinson shares information and resources from the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP) to alert pediatricians and other providers what they can do to help.

06/24/22 – Chronic Kidney Disease: Examining Health Disparities in Communities of Color

In this entry, Dr. Robinson outlines highlights from a panel discussion on health care disparities, like the outdated use of race modifiers, in determining patient risk and treatment for CKD. Awareness among physicians is critical. But patients need to know what’s going on, too. 


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