Verify and Update Your Information

When seeking health care services, our members often rely upon the information in our online Provider Finder®

You can verify and update certain data using the Availity® Essentials Provider Data Management feature or our Demographic Change Form. Select the buttons to access these tools.

Certain information must be verified every 90 days, and you must update your information when it changes. More details are below. 

Verify Information Every 90 Days

The federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 requires that the following provider directory information be verified every 90 days: name, address, phone, specialty and digital contact information (website).

This data must be verified every 90 days even if it hasn’t changed since you last verified it.

Under CAA, we’re required to remove providers from displaying in our Provider Finder whose data we’re unable to verify. Learn more about CAA.

Professional, Facility and Ancillary* Providers

*Labs and dental care providers must use the Demographic Change Form rather than Availity PDM to update information.

Professional Provider Groups

  • Groups can verify individual providers through Availity PDM or our Demographic Change Form.
  • Groups who update their information by roster can verify all their providers’ information every 90 days with their roster. When a group submits a roster, all providers affiliated with this group and not listed with an update are verified as correct with no changes.

Update Information When It Changes

Follow the steps below to update your data. Updating your data will count as your 90-day verification.

You must update your information when it changes, including if you join or leave a network. If you leave a network, continue to update your information immediately and according to your contract terms. If you’re incorrectly identified as an in-network provider in our provider directory, it may limit member cost-sharing to in-network levels.

We won’t accept demographic changes by email, phone or fax to enable us to meet the two-day directory update requirement defined by the CAA. Any demographic updates requested through these channels will be rejected and closed. Changes must be submitted electronically unless you have otherwise opted out of conducting business with us electronically; in that case, changes will be accepted by U.S. mail.

Update with Availity PDM

Professional, facility and ancillary providers may use PDM in Availity to update the following data:

  • Provider's personal information
  • Service location address change and contact information
  • Payment address change and contact information
  • Hours of operation
  • Languages spoken
  • Business website URL

Update with the Demographic Change Form

Changes you can make using the Demographic Change Form include:

  • Legal name for provider
  • NPI/Tax ID
  • Provider hospital privileges
  • Directory information:
    • Office physical address
    • Telephone
    • Fax
    • Email
    • Hours of operation
  • New billing contact information
  • Credentialing contact information
  • Administrative contact information
  • Provider roster information (removing a provider from the group or location)

Please indicate in the form comments section if you are adding or changing a location.

If you completed a Demographic Change Form, you can check the status of your application by entering the case number you received in your confirmation email in our Case Status Checker.

If you need to add a provider to your current contracted group, complete the Provider Onboarding Form. Once the form and credentialing requirements are complete, we will appoint the provider into the network and send a letter to the contracted group. Credentialing can take 30 to 120 days.

Note: The CAQH Credentialing Application must be complete prior to completing the Provider Onboarding Form. Credentialing is required for Professional Provider Types: MD, DO, PSYD, DC, CNM, LCSW, LCPC, LMFT, DPM, PA, APN, CNP, RD, LAC and DN.

Additional Information Changes

Legal Name Change for Existing Contract
If you are an existing provider who needs to report a legal name change, complete a new contract application to initiate the update process.

Medical Group Change for Multiple Providers
If you are a group (Billing NPI Type 2) and have more than five changes, please send a request to IL Provider Roster Request to obtain a current copy of your roster to initiate your multiple change request.

For Medicaid, if your medical group would like to use the Government Medicaid Roster to submit provider updates, send a request to Government NetOps Provider Update.


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