Dispensing (Quantity vs. Time) Limits

Dispensing limits are edits that prevent prescription claims from being processed and paid by the health plan if a member is receiving more than the clinically appropriate amount of medication over a stated period of time. 

The objective of dispensing limits is to improve the quality of pharmaceutical care in order to obtain appropriate outcomes and to address inappropriate utilization at the time of dispensing to minimize health risks and reduce overall costs. 

Limits are typically developed based on FDA-approved drug labeling.

These drug lists provide a listing of all the drug classes and drugs that are subject to dispensing limits. 

Dispensing Limit Override Physician Fax Forms

The link above will take you to a list of current forms on the Prime Therapeutics website. If your drug request is not listed in the drug categories on the page, please use the Standard Dispensing Limit Override form. This form should be completed by the prescribing physician and faxed to the Prime Therapeutics Clinical Review Department at 877-243-6930. If you have questions or need additional information, call 800-285-9426.

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