BCCHPSM Provider Reminder: Resubmission of a Denied Hospital Claim

March 1, 2022  (Updated March 10, 2022) 

Our goal is to help provide the best service for our members, so we’d like to clarify how to resubmit a hospital claim that was denied because additional information was needed for our Blue Cross Community Health PlansSM (BCCHP) members.

If a hospital claim is denied, you may receive an Explanation of Payment (EOP) letter with denial code,
H33; Please resubmit itemized bill” from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL).

To complete the claim process, you’ll need to submit the itemized bill by:

Fax: 855-322-0717

Mail: BCCHP c/o: Provider Services, PO Box 4168 Scranton, PA 18505

An itemized bill is requested when the entire hospital stay is not approved by our Utilization Review team and the reimbursement methodology for the hospital is based on the All Patients Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (APR DRG) methodology.  

To dispute a denied claim, refer to the step-by-step Updated Provider Dispute Process Overview for Government Programs for more information.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Customer Service at 855-653-8126 or your assigned Provider Network Consultant.