Quality Improvement


The BCBSIL Quality Improvement (QI) Program is based on the view that the process for delivery of medical care and services can be continuously improved. The information provided is a summary of the quality improvement programs in place for BCBSIL members and practitioners. Call 312-653-3465 with questions about the QI Program.

BCBSIL requires an on-site office visit at least every three years for primary care physicians (PCPs), including OB/Gynes and pediatricians, for continued participation in the HMO product. High-volume behavioral health specialists are reviewed for the HMO product for the purposes of credentialing. An on-site visit is not required for practitioners participating with PPO products. BCBSIL may perform an on-site visit more frequently than every three years for quality improvement purposes and as a result of a complaint. The current BCBSIL site visit standards used for auditing are available for you to print.

Site Visit Reports:

Behavioral Health Site and Medical Record Audit

PCP Site and Medical Record Audit


HMO Site Visit Summary:

Annual HMO Medical Site Visits 

Annual HMO Behavioral Health Site Visits 


HMO Quality Site Visit Standards:

HMO Quality Site Standards - Full Version 

HMO Utilization Management Plan