Provider Correspondence Viewer

Provider Correspondence Viewer (PCV) is an online application accessible through Availity® Essentials that allows participating providers with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) to view, download and/or save specific documents related to the NPI and Tax ID associated with your Availity registration.

At this time, only participating facility providers with BCBSIL can use PCV to access and download documents related to Average Discount Percentage (ADP).

What is the Average Discount Percentage (ADP)? BCBSIL calculates an estimated discount percentage on an averaged basis that is utilized to determine patient cost-share, and which appears on the member’s explanation of benefits as “ADP.” These percentages are not used for purposes of calculating or making reimbursements to you or other providers, as those are determined based on our network contracts.

How to access the Provider Correspondence Viewer:

  1. Log into Availity Essentials
  2. Select Payer Spaces from the navigation menu and choose BCBSIL
  3. Within Payer Spaces, go to the Applications tab, then select the Provider Correspondence Viewer  

For additional details, refer to the instructional Provider Correspondence Viewer User Guide

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