Copay Changes to Immigrant Adults and Seniors Program

February 12, 2024

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is making providers aware of the public notice released on Jan. 31, 2024. This notice includes information regarding copays and coinsurance for enrollees in the Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors and Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults programs. The notice also explains the removal of a previously planned $100 copay for non-emergency hospital ER services. 

BCBSIL is implementing changes effective immediately to align with this guidance. No member cost-shares for the HBIS and HBIA programs were applied in January 2024. As of Feb. 1, 2024, BCBSIL applied member cost-share for Nonemergency Inpatient Hospitalization and Nonemergency Hospital or Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Outpatient Services. The cost-share for Nonemergency Outpatient Services doesn’t apply to claims coded with an ER service. 

Please note that this guidance was issued after BCBSIL issued coverage documents to newly effective Immigrant Adult and Seniors including Welcome Letters and ID cards. BCBSIL will issue new coverage documents to these members to reflect the updated copay information. Members don’t need to request these materials.

Providers shouldn’t charge BCBSIL Immigrant Adult and/or Seniors $100 copay for non-emergency hospital ER services even if a BCBSIL member who is eligible under the Immigrant Adult and/or Seniors program presents a BCBSIL document showing this copay.