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Our shared customers – our members, your patients – are our neighbors, relatives, and classmates of our children. It is imperative that we work together as a team, with the common goal of helping to support the best possible outcomes.  Below are a few categories of resources you may find helpful to reduce health inequities and SDoH in your practice. We’ll be adding more resources throughout 2020. Check back often for the latest updates.



Maternal and Infant Health

  • ACOG Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM)  The AIM program offers different maternal safety bundles that include action measures. Each safety bundle represents best practices for maternity care.
  • Centering Healthcare Institute: CenteringPregnancy®  an evidence-based group prenatal care model led by a healthcare provider that brings women of similar gestational age together in a group setting for their care. For more information, read the New Program to Increase Access to Maternal and Infant Health Care Among Vulnerable Communities article in our March 2020 Blue Review. Update (June 2020): The CenteringPregnancy program continues to move forward but has had to remain fluid in its timeline due to the impact of COVID-19 on providers and the CenteringHealth Institute. CenteringPregnancy site locations and related information will be posted here once details are confirmed. Also watch the Blue Review for updates, later this year.
  • March of Dimes: Premature Birth Report Card  The 2019 prematurity grades are assigned by comparing the 2018 preterm birth rate to March of Dimes' goal of 8.1 percent by 2020. Illinois received a D+ with a 10.7% preterm birth rate.
  • Safer Childbirth Cities Initiative  If you missed the March 4, 2020, webinar BCBSIL presented in collaboration with Merck for Mothers, AllianceChicago and EverThrive Illinois, feel free to watch the recording.


Community Resources

  • 211  is a comprehensive source of local social services information in the U.S. and most of Canada. Reach out to 211 to speak with a community resource specialist in your area who can help you find services and resources that are available to you locally and provide critical services that can improve, and save, lives.

Gathering Data

Other Resources

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