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Boeing Fertility Program Benefit

Managed by WINFertility

Effective January 1, 2022, WIN will help employees and covered dependents enrolled in Boeing-sponsored BCBSIL plans better understand their options so they can maximize the fertility benefit and choose the best course of treatment. 

Eligible covered members include nonunion employees and certain union-represented employees whose health care benefits are contractually aligned to nonunion benefits, and their covered spouse or domestic partner and adult dependent children.

WIN will provide personalized guidance and support to help members select the right provider and work with pharmacies for coordination of care throughout treatment.

Learn More about 2022 WINFertility and Boeing Fertility Benefits.

For any questions prior to January 1. 2022, you can speak to a WIN Service Team Member at 833-439-1513. Or visit their website to learn more.

WINFertility is an independent company that contracts directly with Boeing. It does not provide Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois products or services and is solely responsible for the products and services it offers.