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COVID-19 Vaccines and Boosters

With a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois health plan, you have access to FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, often at no cost to you, as a preventive service (at an in-network provider’s office or in-network pharmacy).

While most plans cover COVID-19 vaccines at no cost as a preventive service, some groups do not cover preventive services, including COVID-19 vaccines. Certain plans may limit coverage to an in-network provider’s office. If you are unsure what your plan covers, contact your company’s benefits administrator or call BCBSIL Customer Service at the number listed on your member ID card. Talk with your doctor if you have any questions about the vaccines. Find out where to go to get vaccinated.

Of note, for Illinois HMO members with coverage through HMO Illinois®, Blue Advantage HMOSM, Blue Precision HMOSM, BlueCare DirectSM or Blue FocusCareSM:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is expanding access to coverage of COVID-19 and flu vaccines for Illinois HMO members. As always, you may get the vaccines from your Primary Care Provider.

You may also get the COVID-19 and flu vaccine at a participating pharmacy (visit or other in-network providers without referral.

Note: If you get a flu vaccine at a participating pharmacy before Feb. 29, you may need to pay for the vaccine and submit your claim to BCBSIL for reimbursement.

HMO members that do not have pharmacy benefits through BCBSIL may get COVID-19 and flu vaccinations at their PCP offices, other in-network providers, or through their pharmacy benefit provider’s in-network pharmacies.