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Benefits Value Advisor

As a member, you'll get a personalized customer service experience. In just one phone call, a Customer Advocate can assist you with:

  • Comparing treatment costs for different providers
  • Understanding your benefits
  • Finding in-network providers
  • Requesting preauthorization
  • Setting up your appointments

Getting Started

Current members, call the number on the back of your member ID card to talk to a Customer Advocate today.

Watch the Benefits Value Advisor video to learn more.

Benefits Value Advisor

Learn how Benefits Value Advisors can help you coordinate your benefits

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    You can call a Benefits Value Advisor to:

    • Help you better understand your benefits
    • Find in-network providers
    • Give you a cost estimate for many health care services or procedures
    • Schedule your doctor or procedure appointments for certain services and procedures
    • Help you get general health information on your condition or diagnosis
    • Assist you with pre-certification
    • Tell you about helpful online educational tools

    It’s easy to reach a Benefits Value Advisor. Just call 1-877-217-7986 and ask to speak to a Benefits Value Advisor.