Visiting a BlueCare Dental HMO Dentist

To receive BlueCare Dental HMO benefits, members and their dependents must receive care from a provider in the BlueCare Dental HMO network.

If an employee’s current dentist is not part of the BlueCare Dental HMO network, the employee must select a new dentist from the contracting network to provide and coordinate all dental care for him/her and any dependents.

Dental Specialists

If dental specialty care is needed, the selected dentist will provide a referral to a specialist from the network. If there is no appropriate contracting specialist within 35 miles of the employee’s home, the dentist may refer them to a non-network specialist.

Members must also call customer service to obtain prior authorization to see the referred specialist. If care is received from a non-network specialist — without prior approval — the member is responsible for the full cost.

Selecting and Changing Dentists

To select or change to a new contracting dentist, members can use the Dental Provider Finder and complete the Dental Center Selection/Change Form. They can also call customer service at 1-800-323-7201 for assistance in transferring to a new dentist.

Provider changes made by the 20th of the month are effective the first day of the following month.

Members can also nominate a dentist to participate in the BlueCare Dental HMO network by completing the Provider Nomination Form.