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Benefits Value Advisor

Get the Most from Your Benefits

Your plan features Benefits Value Advisors (BVA) to help you manage all aspects of your health care. No matter where you are in life or what health concerns you or your covered dependents may have, a BVA will support you along the way. Connect with an advisor who listens, knows your situation, and can help you:

  • Understand your benefits and options for care
  • Connect with a clinician if you need help with a medical issue
  • Shop to find doctors and services that can save you money
  • Get cost estimates for services or procedures
  • Schedule your doctor or procedure appointments, if you like
  • With preauthorization for health services 
  • And more – just ask

Plus, BVAs can help you earn cash with Member Rewards. You could get cash back by shopping for lower cost medical procedures. You can contact a BVA or shop online using the Provider Finder tool. Either way, you could get cash just for being a smart shopper. It’s easy to connect. Talk to a BVA by calling 1-800-521-2227.

Benefits Value Advisor