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Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Even with the best health insurance coverage, members may face financial strain to cover their medical and non-medical expenses, especially if they require an inpatient hospitalization. By reducing the financial stress of a hospitalization, our Hospital Indemnity insurance lets members focus on recovering and getting back to work. It works alongside their major medical coverage to help pay for out-of-pocket expenses, such as insurance deductibles, copays, treatment and more.

Employer-Sponsored Group Plans & Voluntary Plans

We work with producers and employers to provide both employer-sponsored group plans and voluntary group plans for employees. Hospital Indemnity insurance provides a specific benefit for each day a covered member is confined on in-patient basis in a hospital. Additional benefits may be payable for:

  • Hospital Admission
  • Intensive Care Unit Admission
  • Daily Hospital Intensive Care Unit Confinement 

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