Medicare Plans Certification Process

The 2022 Blue Cross Medicare Options MAPD/PDP Certification Process is now available.

The 2022 Blue Cross Medicare Options certification curriculum is housed on the AHIP/CMP platform. BCBSIL producers who use the certification link to access/complete their assigned tasks will receive the discounted rate of $50 off the normal $175 AHIP fee.

Please ensure that you complete all 2022 Blue Cross Medicare Options MAPD/PDP certification requirements prior to marketing and/or selling any 2022 MAPD/PDP plans.

Go to to access the certification tasks listed below.

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Username: National Producer Number (NPN), excluding the leading zeros

Password: Previously created password

Employee ID: 10-digit NPN, including leading zeros

New Users

Click on “Create an Account,” and enter your 10-digit NPN, including leading zeros in the Employee ID field. Enter your NPN, excluding the leading zeros, in the Username field. Complete the profile questions to receive your automated curriculum assignment.

Part 1: AHIP Curriculum (2022 AHIP Medicare Training Task)

  • Medicare Basics
  • Medicare Marketing Rules and Regulations
  • Non-Discrimination Disclosure
  • General Compliance & Fraud Waste and Abuse course/exam
  • Final exam

Part 2: HCSC/CMP Curriculum

  • Sales agent requirements course
  • MAPD/PDP Product course/exam
  • Producer or Agency Certification form
  • Producer or Agency Amendment (does not apply to sub-producers)
  • Attestation forms

Note: Both sections must be completed by all individual producers and sub-producers, including agency principals. All courses must be completed to be deemed certified to sell 2022 MAPD/PDP plans. Sub-producers are only deemed certified once their agency principal has completed his/her individual and agency certification tasks. Agency principals will receive an email notification to access the agency tasks upon completing their individual assignments.

If you have any questions, call the Helpdesk at 1-888-706-0583 for technical assistance and the Producer Service Center at 1-855- 782-4272 for certification/commission questions, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (CT and MT) or email the Certification mailbox at