Keeping Members Blue

Applies to Individual & Family, Medicare

September 21, 2022

Stay with BlueSM is a campaign that targets our qualified retail and commercial members when they turn 63 – two years before they’re eligible for Medicare. It’s designed to start the conversation about Medicare early to help keep more of our members Blue.

Opportunity: Only 15% of members stay Blue when they age into Medicare. That leaves a lot of room for growth. is designed with your clients in mind. It’s their resource to get all the information needed to make Medicare choices.

How it works: Using email and direct mail, members are invited to visit Members are encouraged to use the site to get a head start on their Medicare journey. They begin by taking a quiz and getting a personalized timeline to guide and educate them up to the time they enroll.

Members can also:

  • Sign up to receive email reminders to stay on track until enrollment
  • Learn about Medicare
  • Explore BCBSIL Medicare plan options
  • Get important dates and information specific to their Medicare journey
  • Connect with a Medicare customer service associate with any questions

No guesswork: Many of our current members are not aware they have Medicare plan options and can stay Blue. We are working to create new and engaging online member experiences that will help guide our members no matter where they are at in their own personal journey.

To read the full News from the Blues newsletter, log in to Blue Access for ProducersSM (BAPSM).

Last Updated: Dec. 06, 2023