Blue Access for Producers

Non-HMO Mail Service Prescription Drug Program

Program Summary
The mail service benefit is a standard part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois prescription drug program. The benefit is available to members with our prescription drug card program, as well as those with BlueSCRIPT, the electronic claim service.

The mail service program gives members who need maintenance medications the opportunity to purchase up to a 90-day supply and have it conveniently delivered to their home. Their plan mail service copayment or coinsurance amount applies.

Payment Amounts
In most situations prescription drug card members pay either:

  • A 3-tier coinsurance amount that is lowest for generic medications, the same or slightly higher for formulary brands and the highest for non-formulary brands.
  • A fixed 3-tier copayment amount depending on whether the medication is generic, formulary brand or non-formulary brand.
  • A fixed 2-tier copayment depending on whether the medication is generic or brand.

Members with BlueSCRIPT pay:

  • Based on their medical plan deductible and coinsurance level.