Blue Access for Employers


(2-50 employees) (51-150 employees) (151+ employees)



  • Offers the most popular features of a managed care plan, without restricting networks
  • Provides member resources and a network of support to help guide and engage members to become more actively involved in managing both their health care and their health care benefit plan
  • Helps control health care costs without sacrificing employee satisfaction
  • Is easy for you to manage and easy for employees to use

BlueEdge includes:

  • Spending Account options that can pay for the first expenses members incur on eligible health care services, and are used to help employees meet the deductible. You may fund a Health Care Account for your employees and or your employees can establish a Health Savings Account that is funded by you, the employees or both.
  • Full coverage for in-network preventive care and wellness visits even before the deductible is met
  • Affordable PPO benefits that begin after the deductible is met, giving members the freedom to see the doctors of their choice
  • A suite of online member resources to increase awareness and knowledge of health issues and to help manage the Spending Account

Flexible Plan Design

BlueEdge provides three levels of plan designs to choose from so you can select the Spending Account deductible amount, coinsurance percentages and pharmacy benefit package that best fits your needs. You can offer BlueEdge with other Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois plans or alone.

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Compare benefit plan designs

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