Illinois House Bill 4703 Member Communication

Applies to the following plan types:

  • Student plans
  • Fully insured group plans including small group, mid-market, large and national accounts (does not include county/municipality/school or state employees plans)
  • Grandfathered and transitional plans

We recently communicated about Illinois House Bill 4703, also known as Illinois Public Act 102-0901, Surprise Medical Bill Protection. One of the bill’s requirements includes adding specific language to member benefit plan materials.

What you need to know:

  • We have added the required language to our 2024 benefit booklets, beginning with Jan. 1, 2024, renewals.
  • Since 2023 benefit booklets were finalized prior to the implementation of this bill, we are also making this language available to members before the distribution of 2024 benefit plan materials.
    • For individual/family plans we sent letters to impacted members.
    • For group plans, we’re providing the member letter to our employer groups, who can share this communication with their employees as needed.

How do groups access the member letter?