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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) is committed to promoting health and wellness of its members and communities through accessible, cost-effective, quality health care.  We currently provide health coverage to over 7 million existing members, and our contracting provider network includes over 92% of Illinois hospitals, over 91% of Illinois Primary Care Physicians and over 87% of Illinois specialists.

The size and strength of our provider and physician networks allow your clients to get the most value out of their BCBSIL coverage. Search online for BCBSIL doctors, dentists, hospitals, medical groups and other health care providers using the Provider Finder. Locate network hospitals on the BCBSIL Network Hospital List .

Med-Select Plans*: BCBSIL offers two options for Medicare Supplement coverage - our Standard and Med-Select plans. With Med-Select, to receive benefits for the Part A deductible, your client must use participating BCBSIL Med-Select hospitals (except in cases of emergency admission).  If your client does NOT use a Med-Select hospital, he or she must pay the Part A deductible. View the Med-Select Hospital Listing . (hospital listing for Med-Select Plans only)

*Med-Select Plans require that your client use BCBSIL participating Med-Select hospitals for non-emergency admissions to receive coverage for the Medicare Part A deductible.

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