Blue Access for Producers

Help your clients get the most out of their HSA plan?

It's easy to help your clients get the most from their BlueEdge HSA plans.

1. Select and enroll your client in one of the BlueEdge HSA plans.

  • Choose the deductible and coverage that are best for your client.
  • Submit the application to underwriting.
  • Introduce information about HSA choices at this point. Your client may choose an HSA available to work with their BlueEdge health plan.

Other resources you can check for more information about HSA's and institutions that offer them are ,  and .

2. When you have your clients complete the application process, you should remind them that they may open an HSA once their health insurance plan is active.

3. Once the BlueEdge policy is active, you may choose to again follow up with your clients to remind them that they should open an HSA to get the most out of their health insurance plan. Also, be sure to remind them that they should make contributions to the HSA as soon as possible to maximize tax advantages for the year.

BlueEdge HSA Plans