What’s New at the Blue Door Neighborhood CenterSM

We will officially open our Blue Door Neighborhood Center in South Lawndale later this year. The center aims to help improve the health of the community. The center continues to evolve, so please check back here to learn about upcoming events, updates and programs we’re offering that could impact you and your family. 

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    Dion Dawson: So let's say it's Monday and we're talking about the Johnson household. The Johnsons will receive that code on Monday morning. They'll have all the way up until the Blue Door Center close to go use their code, get to the locker, put it in. Their door pops open and then from there, they'll get their box.

    Tiffany Davis: Each week, 175 families are going to have access to food and fresh produce. We've demoed these fresh produce boxes at our events, at the Blue Door Center for pop-up farmers markets and so we know that members really enjoy these baskets. And what we're really excited about is not only our Medicaid, our Medicare, as well as community members that come in the Blue Door will have access to this.

    Matthew Prinske: This locker, like many other programs, is Blue Cross's statement to say we are going to continue to fight food insecurity. We're not going to rest on our laurels. And they commonly - it seems like constantly - finding better partners, other partners in the community.

    Dion Dawson: The dream vault is our way of bridging not only partners that are intentional about this work, but also technology - about innovation and about thinking through how we can really, you know, get a hole on some things that are plaguing our recipients and our residents. I'm excited. I can't wait to get this started and expanded.  And thank you all for being here. Thank you. 

Blue Door Neighborhood Center Unveils ‘Dream Vault’

We are happy partner with Dion’s Chicago Dream to improve health outcomes and address food insecurity. The Dream Vault will provide fresh fruits and vegetables to 25 families daily in the Morgan Park community. Recipients will be able to pick up five days’ worth of groceries at a time. 

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Announces Third Center to Improve Health of a Chicago Community 

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois has signed a lease to open a Blue Door Neighborhood CenterSM  in South Lawndale’s Little Village community on Chicago’s West Side. The aim of the center is to help improve the health and wellness of residents, as well as support the overall development of opportunities for those living outside of downtown Chicago.

 The center will become BCBSIL’s third Blue Door Neighborhood Center. The first center opened in April 2019 in Pullman and a second center, one combined with employee workspace, is expected to open this summer in Morgan Park.

“We’re expanding our reach on a hyperlocal level to meet people where they are,” said Steve Hamman, president of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. “By going into neighborhoods, we’re working to address issues that directly impact the health and wellness of all residents – not just our members.  We’re looking to improve public health in a way that reflects our longstanding commitment to our local communities.”

The facility will offer services for people whether or not they are a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois member. Programming will include low-impact fitness, health literacy, and classes on topics such as managing diabetes, behavioral health and healthy eating. It will also offer education on how to better use health insurance and connect people to other community resources, as well as feature a meeting room that can be reserved by non-profit organizations that have missions that align with the goals of the Blue Door Neighborhood Center.

The first Blue Door Neighborhood Center, in Pullman, will celebrate its first anniversary on April 27. To date, the center has had nearly 3,500 unique visitors – many of them drawn in by the programming such as Zumba, Bingo for Seniors, and appointments with a health educator.

 “The reception from the community has been phenomenal,” said Laron Taylor, director of the Blue Door Neighborhood Center. “Our model is to learn and adapt and we use the feedback from our visitors to introduce programs and services that are most impactful for the people we serve. We’ll do the same in South Lawndale, to customize our offerings to meet the needs of the community.”

BCBSIL’s West Side center will be about 9,000 square feet at 2551 W. Cermak and is scheduled to open this fall.

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