Medicaid Services

The team at the Blue Door Neighborhood Center wants to help answer your Medicaid questions. Stop in the center to meet with our team.

Below are some of the services available at the center.

Help to Get Started with a Medicaid Plan 

Whether you’re a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) member or not, visit the center to get help with your Medicaid eligibility questions.  We can connect you with resources to help answer your questions and see which health plans may be available to you.*

*When you qualify for Medicaid coverage, you can select any health plan, not just BCBSIL. Illinois Client Enrollment Services will send you information about your health plan choices when it is time for you to make a health plan choice.

Care Coordination

If you’re a BCBSIL Medicaid member, meet with one of our care coordinators who can help you manage your health care needs. 

 A care coordinator can help you complete a Health Risk Screening (HRS). That will allow BCBSIL to help you plan ways to make the best use of your benefits.

Your health care coordinator can:

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Help you get services and deal with health issues before they get worse (preventive care)
  • Help set up care with your doctor and other health care team members
  • Help you, your family and any caregiver in your life better understand your health issue(s), medications and treatments

Learn more about care coordination

Help with Your Benefit Questions

If you have questions about your BCBSIL Medicaid coverage, we can help with that too. Whether you need help choosing a primary care provider (PCP) or want to understand your medical coverage, we can help. Visit the Blue Door Neighborhood Center and ask for a Medicaid specialist.

Help to Raise Concerns

If you have Medicaid coverage through BCBSIL and you have a complaint about how we handle any of your services, visit the center to talk to us. We can help you file a grievance. A grievance is a complaint about anything except a service that has been denied, reduced or ended.

You may want to file a grievance if you feel that:

  • Your health care provider or a BCBSIL employee did not respect your rights or was rude to you
  • You had trouble getting an appointment with your provider in a reasonable amount of time
  • You were unhappy with the care or treatment you received

We take your complaints very seriously. We want to know how we can improve our services. If you’ve experienced any of the above, stop by the Blue Door Neighborhood Center to talk to us.

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