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Tips for Using BlueRecruit

Thank you for your interest in a career with Health Care Service Corporation. To apply for a position, you must sign in. If you are a first-time applicant, create a BlueRecruit account.

Once you have created or updated your BlueRecruit profile, you can save searches, apply for open positions and use the agent feature to get alerts when jobs are posted in the future.

Before you begin, be aware that the online application process will time out in one hour. Be sure to have an updated resume and cover letter ready before you start. During the application process, you will be able to attach Word documents or copy and paste text you have already created.

Using the Job Search

To find the most relevant positions, you can narrow your search. You can seek available jobs by location, position type, functional area and date posted. To make multiple selections, hold down the CTRL key and click to select.

To use the job search agents to receive job alert e-mail messages:

  1. On the job search page, click "View My Account."
  2. In the job search agents section, click Add.
  3. Search for available job opportunities that meet your criteria.
  4. Use the Advanced Search options to update additional search criteria (optional).
  5. Click "Search." A list of positions will display.
  6. Update the required fields (in bold) and click "Save."

Applying Online

To apply for multiple open positions, use the "Job Cart" feature.

  • From the search results page, select the desired job postings by putting a check in the checkbox and click the shopping cart icon labeled "Add selected jobs to cart"
  • From the job details page, click the "Add to Job Cart" button

To apply for a position, start by clicking on the desired job posting from the search results page. Remember to have your supporting documents (your resume and cover letter) ready before you begin.

  • From the job details screen, click "Apply Now"
  • Follow the six steps for applying online. Please note that a resume is required. You can upload your resume or copy and paste the text.
  • Be sure to review all of your application information before you click "Submit."

To view your application status, click on "View My Account" on the job search page, then click on "View Application Status" on the My Account page.