Sleep in the Second Trimester

The second three months isn't called the honeymoon period for nothing. Now you can expect to sleep better. But there are still some things that might keep you from sleeping the most you can.

Learn about sleep snatchers

Your decent night's sleep may be disturbed by sleep stealers like:

Leg cramps

  • Do a few leg stretches before you go to bed
  • Workouts may help keep cramps at bay
  • If you do get one, use a heating pad or massage your leg
  • Sleeping under heavy covers can make cramps worse


  • About 30% of women snore while they're pregnant
  • This will more than likely go away once you have your baby
  • Try sleeping on your left side

Vivid dreams

  • Dreaming can include nightmares and even sexual fantasies
  • Such dreams are normal
  • Dreams help you work out worry as well as go through the joy and excitement you have about nearly being a mom

Your left side

  • Doctors often say you should try to sleep on your left side because it may add to the flow of blood and nutrients that reach your baby

Feeling too big?

  • Try lying on your left side with your knees bent
  • Tuck one pillow under your tummy and one more between your legs
  • Snuggle up beside a long body pillow
  • Resting upright in a recliner may do the trick

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