Pregnancy Cravings

There are many theories as to what causes women to crave certain foods while pregnant, but little in the way of proof. One study shows that women crave a wide range of flavors, but some basic cravings are the same:

  • Salt - more of a craving for salty foods (potato chips and pickles!)
    • This might be because you have more blood flowing through your body and you need more sodium
  • Bitter - able to put up with bitter tastes as pregnancy progresses
  • Sour - more of a craving for sour foods, mostly during the second and third trimesters
    • This could be your body's way of trying to make sure you get a wide range of foods
    • Sour tastes also seem to help ease an upset stomach
    • Many fruits are both sweet and sour - that may help to make clear why fruits are so often the food women crave when pregnant

We may never know what exactly drives those midnight runs for bacon and cherries. But your cravings are real.

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