Early Signs You Might be Pregnant

Many women notice changes in their body very soon after they become pregnant. The sooner you realize you might be pregnant, the sooner you can take a pregnancy test to make sure. Then you should begin caring for yourself and your baby.

Early signs that you're pregnant

  • A missed or late period
    • This is the classic sign, but not the only sign
  • Implantation bleeding
  • An embryo attaches to the womb wall about eight to 14 days after you get pregnant
    • This might cause some spotting - lighter and more spotty than your normal period - and maybe cramping
    • This can often be the very first sign that you're pregnant
  • Changes in your breasts
    • Your breasts may feel fuller, sorer or more tender
    • The skin near the nipples (areola) may become darker
  • Nausea /Upset stomach
    • You may feel sick to your stomach as early as two weeks after you become pregnant
    • So-called morning sickness can happen at any time of day
    • Your stomach might even jump when you smell something strong
  • Frequent peeing
    • It may feel like you have to pass urine all the time (your womb is expanding and pressing on your bladder)
  • New feelings about food
    • You may have a new, strong dislike for meats, cheeses or spicy foods
    • At the same time, you may strongly crave a pretzel
    • These feelings tend to be strongest in the early days
  • Feeling tired or worn out
    • Your body is hard at work
  • You're making hormones and chemicals that make you sleepy
  • Aches and pains
  • Many women have headaches and pains in their backs in the early days

Can you trust home tests?

  • These tests are often pretty sound when taken two weeks or more after getting pregnant
  • If the test says you're pregnant, you most likely are
    • Still, see your doctor right away to make sure the results are true and to start taking care of your health
  • If you take the test very early on, a result that says you're not pregnant is less sound than one which says you are pregnant
  • These tests work by finding a certain hormone that your body makes after getting pregnant, and some women make this hormone a little more slowly than others
  • If your test says you are not pregnant, try again a week later

Until you know for sure whether you are pregnant, don't smoke, drink alcohol or do anything else unsafe, just in case.

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