Delivery without Medication

There are plenty of reasons why women decide not to take pain medicine during labor. It may be a personal choice. But sometimes it may not be a choice, like when it's too early for an epidural or too late to start new drugs.

Here are a few ways to ease your pain:

  • Massage and touch
  • Warm baths and showers
    • If your water has broken, it is not recommended to sit in a bathtub, but it is sometimes safe to shower. Talk to your doctor to be sure.
  • Warm or cold packs
  • Rock or glide in a rocking or rolling chair, swaying from side to side or resting on your hands and knees.
    • This will help to ease some pressure from your back
  • Use a "birthing ball" to sit or sway on. This is like a big workout ball.
    • This will also help to ease some pressure from your back and can help to open your pelvis and let the baby come down.
    • Always have someone with you for support while using a birthing ball, as they can move easily.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
    • During active labor you may not be able to drink too much. Ice chips are typically safe.
    • Drink between contractions during prelabor.
    • If you are throwing up or your doctor says you may need a C-section and cannot drink any fluids, the intravenous fluids will keep you hydrated.

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