Absentmindedness during Pregnancy

It's perfectly normal to be forgetful or scatterbrained while you're pregnant. In fact, you can pretty much count on feeling that way for a while. The reasons for this are really not known, but we do know a few things:


  • This will not last, and you're not alone
  • Many moms-to-be call these times when you forget something "mommy brain" or "pregnancy amnesia"

Even very organized women say they find it harder to keep focused while pregnant.


  • Many experts believe the changing level of hormones/chemicals in your body are to blame
  • Hormonal shifts seem to cause fading recall and changes in thinking
    Worries about giving birth and the new baby may push out other thoughts

You may not be getting the sleep you need, making you tired and even more forgetful.

What you can do

  • The good news is that your absentmindedness is perfectly normal
  • The bad news is that it's likely to last for a while after the baby is born as sleep loss may keep fogging your brain
  • Don't forget that your whole body - including your brain - is busy with a very big task: making a baby

Preparing to forget

Here are some helpful steps you can take to make life easier:

  • Get organized
    • Maybe you've never had to make lists or count on a day planner, but you will likely need to now
    • Keep lists and put them where you often look
    • Find some systems you can count on (like placing your keys on a hook by the door)
  • Don't do too much
    • This is not the time to put in 12-hour days at work, start a hard project, stay up all night or have a lot of guests
    • Use being pregnant as a reason to say no - there will be plenty of time to do your part in the future
    • Ask for help
    • Ask friends and relatives to help you shop for the baby
    • As a bonus, this will help them feel more involved
  • Get plenty of rest and eat well
    • Sleep in when you can, even if you got eight full hours the night before
    • Letting yourself get run-down will only cloud your mind more
  • Treat yourself
  • If you need more time for yourself, take it
  • Relax and take a bath or go for a walk
  • Talk with other pregnant women to feel at ease
  • Ask your doctor for tips about support groups or classes

Finally, don't forget that this is a special time in your life.

You might not be your normal self, but your head will clear soon
It's alright to be forgetful. You have a very big job to do right now and being pregnant deserves as much thought as you can give it.

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