When it comes to health insurance, it’s important to make the right choice.


Major Coverage

Longer-Term Insurance

12+ months
  • Not sure if you’ll find work or other coverage within a year.
  • More covered services than short-term like dental and preventive.
  • May have higher monthly costs than short-term, but some plans qualify for cost savings.

Medicare Coverage

Medicare and Medigap

12+ months
  • Nearing 65 years of age or older, or receiving Social Security Disability benefits.
  • Parts A and B (Medicare) are funded by Social Security payroll taxes.
  • Parts C and D (Medigap) provided by private health insurers.

Same Coverage

COBRA Insurance

Up to 18 months
  • Same group health coverage.
  • Monthly cost is higher since your Fund no longer shares the monthly cost.
  • In some cases, coverage can be extended.

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