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Tobacco Cessation Program

It's not easy to quit using tobacco. We offer a voluntary tobacco cessation program specifically designed to help you succeed — at no additional charge if you are enrolled in the PPO program.

Personal Coaching
Once you are enrolled in this program, you will be assigned to your own Wellness Coach who:

  • Supports you in your unique circumstances 
  • Provides personal assistance with goal setting, resource education, tips and periodic progress checkups 
  • Assesses your commitment level 
  • Establishes a follow-up call schedule 

Your Wellness Coach can also help you if you need support with behavioral disorders. Since many health issues involve some combination of physical, mental and social causes, addressing behavioral and medical issues at the same time can lead to a better overall quality of life.

Be sure to ask questions, share your feelings and build a trusting relationship with your coach — this valuable relationship will keep you motivated.

Enroll Today
Call the Lifestyle Management Program team at 1-866-412-8795 (prompt 2).