Medical Coverage

State Farm medical plan benefits are designed to provide coverage for the care you need, encourage you to maintain your good health, and help you manage your health care costs. The Group Medical PPO Plan uses networks of health care professionals and facilities to help meet the health care needs of you and your family.



2017 Employees Option3E Member Only 

2017 Employees Option3E Member Only Spanish 

2017 Employees Option3E Member+1 or More 

2017 Employees Option3E Member+1 or More Spanish 


2016 Employees Option2E 

2016 Employees Option2E Spanish 

2016 Employees Option3E Member Only 

2016 Employees Option3E Member Only Spanish 

2016 Employees Option3E Member+1 or More 

2016 Employees Option3E Member+1 or More Spanish 

2016 Employees Hawaii 



2017 Agents Option 1A 

2017 Agents Option 1A Spanish 

2017 Agents Option 2A 

2017 Agents Option 2A Spanish 

2017 Agents Option 3A 

2017 Agents Option 3A Spanish 

Health Savings Account Frequently Asked Questions


2016 Agents Option 1A 

2016 Agents Option 1A Spanish 

2016 Agents Option 2A 

2016 Agents Option 2A Spanish 

2016 Agents Option 3A 

2016 Agents Option 3A Spanish 




2017 Retirees Option 

2017 Retirees Option Spanish 


2017 Retired Agent Option 

2017 Retired Agent Option Spanish 



2016 Retirees Option 

2016 Retirees Option Spanish 


2016 Retired Agent Option 

2016 Retired Agent Option Spanish 

Your annual enrollment materials will provide an overview of each of these options. Should you have any questions about your Group Benefit offerings, please contact the State Farm Benefits Center, phone 866-935-4015. Their hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Central Time, Monday through Friday.

The national BlueCard® PPO network gives you access to contracting doctors and hospitals across the country. These networks include 85 percent of all doctors and hospitals in the United States and inpatient facilities in more than 200 countries.