HIPAA Regulations and Implementation Guidelines

To remain in compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates, health care providers are required to follow all Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transaction standards outlined within the current HIPAA implementation guidelines. 

ANSI 5010 Technical Reports Type 3 (TR3)

It is your responsibility to obtain and follow EDI transaction standards specified within the current ANSI X12 837 – 5010 TR3. For details, you must leave the BCBSIL website and go to the Washington Publishing Company (WPC)  site. 

The WPC site provides a complete listing of each TR3 and ASC X12 Implementation Guide (IG), including description, registration, publication and contact information. If you have any navigation or purchasing questions, contact the WPC at 425-562-2245, or send an email to