E-Prescribing Collaborative Program


Electronic prescribing, or e-prescribing, is an efficient way to improve prescription accuracy and patient safety by allowing you to write and electronically transmit prescriptions to a pharmacy directly from the point of care. You also have immediate access to the patient’s eligibility information, medication history and drug formulary.

  • Enables quick access to patient’s prescription drug history and plan-specific formulary information
  • Program prompts make higher utilization of generic drug options easier
  • Checks for drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions
  • Reduces handwriting interpretation errors
  • Easily identifies patients to be notified in the event of a drug recall
  • Enables a more informed choice of therapy

BCBSIL has implemented a program to expand e-prescribing utilization throughout the State of Illinois, making prescription medications safer and improving the quality of care. The Illinois e-Prescribing Collaborative is an informal multi-payer, statewide health care initiative with the goal of improving patient safety and access to affordable prescriptions through e-prescribing technology. Health insurance carriers, technology vendors, pharmacies, employer groups, network physicians and other professional organizations are all working together to increase the use of e-prescribing.

The e-prescribing flow begins when you input a prescription into a wireless handheld device.


Next, the e-prescribing software interfaces with your decision support software to:

  • Check the patient's eligibility and copayments
  • Review their medication history
  • Review plan specific formularies
  • Check allergies and drug interactions

Finally, the script is electronically transmitted to the patient's pharmacy. The average patient waiting time at the pharmacy once an electronic script has been written is approximately 8 minutes.


Visit the sites below to gain quick and easy access to the external information and resources you need to successfully manage your e-prescribing functions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

E-Prescribing Frequently Asked Questions  

This is the perfect time to streamline your prescription writing process and join the growing number of physicians who now e-prescribe. If you are ready to implement an e-prescription system in your practice, or need more information about upcoming e-prescribing initiatives for Illinois physicians, click here.