BCBSIL Implements New Online Member Liability Estimator

Oct. 15, 2010

We’re pleased to introduce the Availity® CareCost EstimatorSM (CCE)—our new online member liability estimator, which is available now to help professional providers improve billing accuracy and efficiency for BCBSIL member claims.

Developed jointly with Availity, the CCE tool analyzes BCBSIL members’* primary diagnoses, procedures, benefits and contractual allowances, then calculates the estimated out-of-pocket costs for their office and outpatient services in real-time.

Available free of charge to BCBSIL independently contracted providers who are registered with Availity, the CCE tool helps provide your practice with greater transparency regarding members’ out-of-pocket costs. It also gives professional providers the opportunity to collect the member’s share at the point of service.

Though the CareCost Estimator is exactly that—an “estimator”—it quickly and reliably:

  • Estimates members’ costs in real-time
  • Facilitates accurate member payments
  • Helps streamline Accounts Receivable process
  • Helps reduce claim adjustment requests
  • Enhances use of online eligibility and benefits transactions by providing information regarding members’ liability for specific diagnosis codes
  • Enables printable results for patient and provider records

An Availity CareCost Estimator Tip Sheet  is available in the Education and Reference Center of the BCBSIL Provider website. Registered Availity users can also attend free webinars to learn about the CCE tool and other Availity applications. For a current schedule of Availity webinar offerings, just click on “Free Training” from any page after logging on to the Availity portal.

To register with Availity, access the free CCE tool and find out about other time and money-saving options, visit  You may also contact Availity Client Services at (800) AVAILITY (282-4548) for assistance.

Availity is a registered trademark of Availity, L.L.C., an independent, third-party vendor. Availity is solely responsible for all of its products and services, including CareCost Estimator.

*See the CCE Tip Sheet for a brief list of exceptions.