Enhanced Voucher Numbering Process

October 23, 2013

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is enhancing the numbering system for vouchers used for payments to providers. The current process generates zeros as place holders in the voucher number field when no payment is being issued to a provider. The system will now create a new eight character voucher number beginning with the letter “N” and subsequent unique seven digit number. The generation of a valid voucher number eliminates the problems caused when all zeros were used to indicate no payment on the Electronic Payment Summary (EPS) and paper Provider Claim Summary (PCS). 

Additionally, the format for voucher numbers provided in the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) data is changing to include a new date prefix and suffix built around the voucher number. In the following example, C13nnnN12345670, the new format reads:

  • C (claims)
  • 13 (year)
  • nnn (Julian calendar date)
  • N1234567 (voucher number)
  • 0 (sequence number)

This new format will help improve the accuracy and efficiency of these electronic and paper transactions.