Availity® Enhances CareProfile®

July 5, 2011

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) is pleased to announce that, effective June 18, 2011, gaining access to a patient's clinical summary has become even easier for providers who are registered with Availity.

Previously, an Eligibility and Benefits Inquiry in Availity was required prior to accessing the Availity CareProfile (ACP) tool. Now, providers can go directly to the ACP tool by clicking on CareProfile, then selecting CareProfile Inquiry from the Availity menu. After gaining access, all other features of the ACP tool remain the same.

The CareProfile is Availity’s payer based health record that includes patient information collected by health plans from physicians, pharmacies, labs, and other health care providers. In accordance with HIPAA laws, only a physician or the physician’s designee treating a patient may access that patient’s CareProfile. If you believe you should have access to CareProfile, but do not, contact your office’s Availity Primary Access Administrator (PAA).

Visit the Education and Reference Center/Provider Tools section of our provider website to view the ACP tool tip sheet  and other electronic resources.

Not yet registered with Availity? Visit their website to learn more now.

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