HMO 90-Day Supply Program

The 90-day supply benefit program can save both time and money. With this program, members have the option of obtaining up to a 90-day supply of long-term (or maintenance) medications through a network of contracting extended supply retail and mail service pharmacies. Specific health care benefit plans and whether a medication is a generic, formulary brand or non-formulary brand will determine the amount paid. Using a generic or formulary brand medication can help save money.

Members can get their prescription for a 90-day supply of maintenance medication by taking it to a contracting extended supply retail pharmacy or using Prime's online ordering for mail-order delivery.

If a change is made to an existing prescription and members need a refill immediately, they can provide the doctor with a Physician Fax Form so that they can send the member's prescription directly to the mail service pharmacy for them. The mail service pharmacy will only accept the fax prescription directly from the doctor's office.

If you have questions about the HMO 90-day supply program, call your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois representative.