Blue Access for Producers

New Producer Service Center Available

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is pleased to announce the official launch of the newly developed Producer Service Center (PSC). Our current Broker Administration departments have been reorganized to streamline activities and provide you with an enhanced customer service experience.

The new PSC model has been providing more effective customer service to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas producers for the last 60 and 90 days respectively. Due to the success of this model, we are also transitioning Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois producers to the new PSC.

Effective July 1, 2011, when you call (855) 782-4272, you will reach the PSC and be given an option to choose your state of residence (the state in which your primary license is held). Additionally, the PSC may be reached via email at or via fax at (918) 549-3039.

The PSC will provide you with a single contact source to assist with inquiries, including:

  • Commissions
  • Producer of Record requests and status
  • Book of business transfers
  • Producer contracts
  • Producer appointments
  • Licensing
  • PDP certifications
  • PDP Referral programs where applicable

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, we are constantly examining ways to improve our customer service. The PSC is one, new resource to make sure you receive the timely and accurate information you need to be productive.

We encourage you to use the PSC and, as always, we welcome your feedback.