Care Coordination

As a Blue Cross Community MMAI member, you will complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) at least annually. The HRA helps us to assign you a Care Coordinator. Your Care Coordinator will work with your Interdisciplinary Care Team to determine your needs and develop a Care Plan to meet those needs.

Your Care Coordinator will also work with you to help you reach your health goals. In addition, he or she may:

  • Plan in-person visits or phone calls with you
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Help you to get the services you need and to find health issues before they get worse
  • Help set up care with your doctor and other health care team members
  • Help you, your family and your caregiver better understand your health condition(s), medications and treatments

To learn more about your Care Coordinator and Care Team, view the Member Handbook External link to a PDF displaying the Member Handbook.


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