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Feature Stories

Hope Paige Designs

The story of Hope Paige begins with a 16-year-old girl.  Hope Paige, which makes contemporary medical emergency bracelets, awareness jewelry, and licensed designs, was founded to create awareness products for charities. After one of those charity meetings, a concerned mother asked Hope Paige to design a bracelet her daughter would actually wear.

Her daughter, Kristen, who was learning to drive, has Type 1 diabetes. But she refused to wear any of the medical bracelets on the market at that time.

Hope Paige agreed to create one fashionable enough for a teen to wear, provided Kristen would help develop the new design. With her input and a lot of research on safety, Hope Paige's first fashionable medical ID bracelet was born. Since then, the company has created hundreds of fashionable bracelets in styles for men, women, teens, girls and boys.

"Our business offers a fashionable but safe alternative to traditional medical ID jewelry, giving our customers the opportunity to not only protect themselves in an emergency medical situation, but also love what they are wearing," says Shelly Fisher, chief executive officer of Hope Paige Designs.

"We are committed to helping people protect themselves without feeling branded by their conditions and we hope that by providing stylish alternatives, more people will be encouraged to wear medical identification," says Al Haig, president of Hope Paige Designs.

How you can buy a Hope Paige medical ID bracelet at a discount.