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Walkadoo, created by Healthways

Walkadoo has been created by Healthways* to help you improve your physical and social well-being in a way that's easy and fun. Walkadoo's lively, interactive online program is simple, engaging, and encouraging, and it helps you start right where you are today.

When you sign up for Walkadoo, you're sent a small wireless "Walkadoo Smart Device" (it's about the size of a quarter) that you can wear on your belt, pocket, or shoe to track the steps you're already taking: around the house, when you're out and about, and, of course, if you go for a walk.

Each time you go near your computer, the smart device automatically loads your steps onto your own personalized Walkadoo web page where you can follow your progress and invite friends to share theirs. You can encourage them, or even challenge them. Or take a minute to share your answers to fun, daily questions ("Walkie Talkies").

Behind the scenes, Walkadoo tracks your walking patterns and uses them to set personalized goals that are easy for you to achieve. It emails you a fun message every day with your individualized goal, encouraging you to meet it, answer the day's Walkie Talkie, and share with your Walkadoo friends. Gradually, you'll find yourself walking a little more each day, without making a big effort or investing a lot of time. And you'll be having fun doing it.

Walkadoo makes it really easy to become more active and social, and that makes a big difference in your well-being.

More about Healthways, creator of Walkadoo

Healthways' mission is to create a healthier world, one person at a time. Today, that means helping 45 million people on four continents.

Healthways' early work focused on helping people with chronic diseases – like diabetes and heart disease – get healthier. Those conditions can be tough to manage, so Healthways professionals use their expertise to help each person where and when they need it. With their assistance, clients improve their health, feel better, and spend a lot less on health care.

Over time Healthways has found that "health" isn't only managing diseases (though that's still very important), it's a combination of physical, mental, and social well-being.

Healthways believes there are five main kinds of well-being: physical, social, financial, community, and purpose. Each has a significant impact on your life. So the company has developed programs that help each client improve their well-being across that whole spectrum.

Each one of these programs, including Walkadoo, is based on research that shows what works. With them, Healthways helps create a healthier world, one person at a time.

Healthways is the world's largest independent global provider of well-being tools and services.